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How to Order

1. Choose a top:

Start here! Select the style you want for the top of the dress. This will form the basis of your dress; any add-ons will be added to the price. Please note that the sleeves on the product pictures are not included in the price of the top. All the tops are fully lined, which adds to the comfort and quality of the dress.

2. Choose your skirt:

Select the skirt, or pants, that you want with your chosen top. The top and bottom styles will be attached at the waist and cannot be separated. Please note that not all top styles are compatible with the flared pants.

3. Do a sleeve if you want

This is an additional option, just to spice up you look, or keep you warm on cooler days.

4. Add-ons

This is the fun part; go wild! Now you can custom you design by adding some of the options available. If you have very specific requests on some of these options, feel free to contact us before placing you order to ensure that we can assist you. Add specific instructions on the “notes” section at the end of your order.

Add a thick bow

Add a thin bow

Add a belt

4. Add Colour

Light Grey
Dove Grey
Powder Blue
Light Olive
MiBella Bridesmaids colour Champaigne
Soft Rose
Desert Rose
Earth Rust
MiBella Bridesmaids out of stock icon
Rust (Temporarily Out of Stock)
Hot Pink

5. Perfect size

Size 30-50
Please measure to ensure that you have the perfect size. If you are unsure about the size or the fit that you want, feel free to contact us at anita@mibellabridesmaids.co.za. Follow the instructions on how to measure.

Now, design your perfect dress

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